Social engagement at euprax

Social Engagement at euprax:

Because the world is not only made of numbers.


We ourselves are doing well.


We ourselves are doing well.

We ourselves are doing well. But social responsibility does not end with us, it extends to the other ones - so that deprived people get a chance, too. For this reason, euprax Perchtold & Partner Steuerberater Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB is in an honorary capacity responsible for the administration and organization of the Munich „mimi Kinder- und Seniorenstiftung“ foundation.

mimi – Aid for needy children and elderly

Since 2004 the „mimi Kinder- und Seniorenstiftung“ has been supporting orphans and needy children from broken families and has improved their situation within a long-term commitment. Furthermore, this foundation is providing assistance to elderly who have fallen on hard times, in order to enable them at least a life at subsistence level.

The foundation organizes, for instance, therapies and bears the costs, provides for food, clothes and medicine for needy people, supports socially disadvantaged and destitute people and contributes also financially to useful projects of other initiatives. The foundation activity is financed by donations only.

In addition, we support further charitable foundations and university- affiliated associations by charging small fees.

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